Flight Test Engineer

Flight test Engineers required for 6 month contract in the North West. Candidates with experience in any areas of flight testing will be considered.

There are several aspects to a flight test program: handling qualities, performance, aero-elastic/flutter stability, avionics/systems capabilities, weapons delivery, and structural loads. Handling qualities evaluates the aircraft’s controllability and response to pilot inputs throughout the range of flight.
Performance testing evaluates aircraft in relation to its projected abilities, such as speed, range, power available, drag, airflow characteristics, and so forth.
Aero-elastic stability evaluates the dynamic response of the aircraft controls and structure to aerodynamic (i.e. air-induced) loads.
Structural tests measure the stresses on the airframe, dynamic components, and controls to verify structural integrity in all flight regimes. Avionics/systems testing verifies all electronic systems (navigation, communications, radars, sensors, etc.) perform as designed.
Weapons delivery looks at the pilots ability to acquire the target using on-board systems and accurately deliver the ordnance on target. Weapons delivery testing also evaluates the separation of the ordnance as it leaves the aircraft to ensure there are no safety issues. Other military unique tests are: air-to-air refuelling, radar/infrared signature measurement, and aircraft carrier operations.
Emergency situations are evaluated as a normal part of all flight test program. Examples are: engine failure during various phases of flight (takeoff, cruise, landing), systems failures, and controls degradation. The overall operations envelope (allowable gross weights, centres-of-gravity, altitude, max/min airspeeds, manoeuvres, etc.) is established and verified during flight testing. Aircraft are always demonstrated to be safe beyond the limits allowed for normal operations in the Flight Manual.

Vacancy Contact Details

Morson International (Aerospace)
016 1707 1516 (T)
Contact Name: Paul Oldham
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Vacancy Summary

Job Type Contract / Temp
Location Lancashire, Lancashire, UK
Start Date ASAP
Duration 6 months
Salary £25.87/hr
Vacancy Reference AE/PO/JUN/00362